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When I am Feeling Down

Sometimes I don’t know the causes why I am feeling down. So it’s hard to find what’s wrong with me. The worse is I loose my motivations to do what I should do; assignments, reaching my goals and resolutions. I spend days to bring back those motivations to me and it’s not easy.
A couple week ago I felt down and as usual I don’t know why. So basically this feeling ruin my life. I pended everything that I had to reach because of this feeling. And also I don’t know why in a year I must through this feeling around three or two times. I know it sucks but what should I do?
When I am feeling down, I don’t want to think everything; my courses along with the assignments, and my resolutions. All what I want is just to think nothing and do nothing. I don’t know if someone else sometimes feels this way too. And I am confused how to stay away from this feeling. I know I cant handle this feeling when it comes to me so at least I try to control how to not spending your days only to do nothing and think…