When I am Feeling Down

Sometimes I don’t know the causes why I am feeling down. So it’s hard to find what’s wrong with me. The worse is I loose my motivations to do what I should do; assignments, reaching my goals and resolutions. I spend days to bring back those motivations to me and it’s not easy.

A couple week ago I felt down and as usual I don’t know why. So basically this feeling ruin my life. I pended everything that I had to reach because of this feeling. And also I don’t know why in a year I must through this feeling around three or two times. I know it sucks but what should I do?

When I am feeling down, I don’t want to think everything; my courses along with the assignments, and my resolutions. All what I want is just to think nothing and do nothing. I don’t know if someone else sometimes feels this way too. And I am confused how to stay away from this feeling. I know I cant handle this feeling when it comes to me so at least I try to control how to not spending your days only to do nothing and think nothing so I am gonna list down what should you do to control this feeling. Enjoy!

1.    Look for the reason. Like what I said before sometimes I don’t know the reason why I get this weird feeling where I don’t want to do anything and think nothing, but at least I try to look for the solutions. For the solutions I start to think from loosing motivations, what’s wrong with my life? Or activities that I don’t like? Or even someone who makes you feel down and you don’t realize it.

2.    Also when you feel down and you don’t have any motivations to do you routine as usual or something to reach your goals just remember why do I start those routines and my goals?

3.    Refreshing. This is important to look what’s happening outside, go out of your home and find out the new motivations because maybe you are bored with your routine.

4.    It takes time. When you want everything back to normal just take a note tha it will takes time, just be patient.

5.    when you are succeed to reach your daily routine back so now it’s time to give a feedback to yourself and also this is the way to respect yourself, buy something you want the most or eat your favorite food.

Hope this will help you to break your down feeling and also don’t forget to be happy. Keep smiling J


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