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No Negativity on tattoos

Some of societies have their own perspective on tattoos, some like it and some refuse it. If you are from those societies who refuse the existence of tattoos this is the right place to read because i'm going to tell you my story. I want to have a tattoo because the picture that I’m going to put on my body it means a lot for me. That pict is the depiction of my life. Sometimes i can’t tell anyone how I feel  beacuse it’s very privacy. But the way people reacted to my decision on having a tattoo was like this world would end. so, the first oneI told that I wanted to have tattoo was my mother. The way I told how desire I was to have tattoo was just like a joking and my mother didin’t take it so serious but then after many times I told my mother how desire I was to have it, my mother noticed it that this was serious and also this was the same way I told my sister and she noticed it too. Then my mother just gave  an anger explanation that tattoo was a bad thing and tattoo was not suitab…