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Time Consuming

Talking about minimalism is not all about things you have physically but also something you have which is nonphysical. Time. Capitalism world force us to be busy, whereas a lots of ads try to introduce products which can help us to undergo this life easily and save more time.
But not all people can understand his/ her need so he/she tends to buy a lots of stuffs which is believed can make his/her life better because it can save more time and easy. So he/she have to pay more for maintain, tax(transpiration) and repairing. The sad thing is she/he must to pay more and even doesn’t know what they need because she/ he buys everything which is offered by ads.
All we need is simplify our life with minimalism lifestyle but you have to take a note that I am talking like this doesn’t mean that minimalism against what’s going on in these days which is capitalist days but minimalism asserts that you have to buy something which is really you need. it’s good the ads introduce those products but you h…

Rule of Being a Minimalist

When I decided to be a minimalist, I did not thing about the rules and fortunately to be a minimalist no rules which can decide you to be a minimalist. Yes to be a minimalist there’s no rules but for me (this is a suggestion) I consider that decluttering is the inauguration of being minimalist. But remember something that you have to change before you do the inauguration is your perspective.
Change your mind that minimalism is not that bad. Change your mind that minimalism is not a extreme lifestyle in this world. Change your mind that to be a minimalist doesn’t mean that you can not to be fashionable. Change your mind that to be a minimalist doesn’t mean that you will be broke. Change your mind that to be a minimalist you can’t go to groceries store. That is all in your head. Just change your perspective that minimalism is going to help you to enjoy this life better and you can focus on you’re the most important things in your life and also you will know the meaning of life.
Why I can…

Count Your Stuffs

Honestly, I don’t count my stuffs because I have them cause I need them. So I try to buy something based on my necessity. I don’t know it’s okay whether count your stuff or don’t in minimalism. But for me I can’t give the limit strictly because I still need stuffs because they help me and complete my necessity.
Becoming minimalist doesn’t mean that you only have 100 items in the entire your life. For me becoming minimalist only have stuffs based on necessity. In case you don’t know that some of minimalist live in less 100 items, it could happen because well may be that’s her/his necessity, I can’t blame.
Actually I have the limit owning stuffs. Really I have. But the limit is based on my activities and time. For example, if I am a woman who doesn’t have children, why should I buy toys, kids clothes, kids book etc? well this is about timing. Right now is not my time to buy all of them because I don’t have children if one day I have a child well I can say that this is my time for buying …

Review -

this is random and special post
This post is very special post. I am going to write my review about and THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. What I write is basically what I experience since the first time I use
For the first I am going to tell you about my story when I used for the first time. On the Friday morning, I woke up and got ready to go to campus and attended a class. In the end of the class the lecturer told us about our last assignment for this semester. He said that we (his students) had to create a brochure about anything we wanted. It was up to us. Since I learnt a lot about minimalism and then I decided to make a brochure about minimalism but there was something which I couldn’t do this. How I can create a brochure? The day after tomorrow I had to give that assignment to the lecturer yes the lecturer was going to collect the assignment whereas I didn’t even make it about I didn’t know where I can make it. I didn’t have any visual gr…

Will You?'

random post
Okay on this post I am going to talk about my perspective on marriage. May be this is a sensitive topic but I think that this is something that I want to share because may be I have a wrong perspective so you can correct me.
Right now, I am 19 on the way to 20 on this year but  I never think that I will to get marry. Yes I won’t but whereas my friends (some of them) already think about it, for me it’s a blurred future.  I have talked about this with my sister. She said that it’s normal when you like someone yes I of course I feel that way too but I never like someone in sexual way so that is the matter. I thought that I am asexual but for my sister she said that it’s not your time to think about marriage I can say that I am too young. It could happen when you have other priorities. But that’s right. Having someone you love it’s nice when you are always by his/her side but for me it’s not always nice. I have to do a lot of things.
Well in the other day, I wrote about my feelin…

How to Keep You Motivating?

On this post I never mean that I act as a great motivator but at least I am trying to encourage my readers to be a good person. Okay everyday isn’t a very good day for me but at least I try to deny that today is the bad day. And it was not easy at first. When I got a problem I tended to keep it and I wouldn’t tell anybody so that problem encouraged me to try looking for something which can help me to keep happy and smiling every day. Sometimes I have to read motivated quotes but it’s not enough. So I have to look for something which can encourage me to be happy even I have problem. Yes what is that? The answer is me. Yeah myself.
Why you have to believe in yourself. Why? Who else you can believe to? Unless yourself? I am sure you know everything about yourself maybe something which other people don’t know. So what’s in yourself which can encourage you to be a happy person even you have a problem? Your mind, your soul, your thoughts, your perspectives. Well I am going to list them all. …

Simplify Your Life

What do you feel when you are busy? You don’t have enough time for 24? So can you do the most important things in your life when you are busy? Do you have me-time? What will you when you are stress while busy? Do you write what-to-do-todaylist or something similar like that every day? Does it work?
Well write what-to-do-today list is something good when you start you morning so you have “direction” what you are going to do for that day but can you accomplish all of that? Well maybe yes maybe no. for me, every day I start with writing what-to-do-today so I can depict what will happen today. But I try to not write many things on it, avoiding that I can accomplish all of them and I think I have a big failure in that day but it doesn’t mean that I am a loser. No. exactly no. I just try to focus the things that are very important to me. and trust me, it can help you to simplify your life. You won’t have many tasks that day, you can enjoy your time when the break time is coming, and you can …

Meaning of Minimalism Lifestyle

The meaning of minimalism is different for different people. But the same point is to have fewer things so you will have less storage for those things. Minimalists believe that things can’t make you happy. But it doesn’t mean that you have nothing. No one force you to have nothing if you are a minimalist but you have fewer things which mean you only have what you really need.
So I mean, you don’t have the latest trendy clothes, the latest technology, the latest trendy shoes. You only have all of them which is what you really need. So you understand the level of your necessity. You don’t buy things which you don’t really need.
But how we don’t buy the latest trendy clothes where a lot of people follow what is trendy right now? My suggestion is you have to search by yourself how to survive in this capitalist world nowadays. For me I don’t want to look old-fashioned so I have tops which I can wear in all trendy is in. I have “plain” t shirts and shirts so can wear them in many events ether…

Food in Minimalist Way

In life we have to eat for surviving but do we need eat excessively? I don’t think so.  I know food is something that we need but if you eat food excessively there’s no good effect in your body. Nothing. Minimalism teaches me how to eat as much as I need so I mean I just eat what I need and stop eating unnecessary food for my body. I don’t like beef and chicken basically I don’t like meat so I won’t eat meat unless I have to eat that. There’s something force me to eat them. I’ll eat them in uneasy way.
Okay if some of you label me as vegetarian but for me I am not because I just don’t like meat because I don’t like meat, not because vegetarian lifestyle force me to stop eating meat. But I don’t know if some day I will be a vegetarian and stop eating meat. So if you are a minimalist no one forbid you to eat meat. It’s up to you. If you think you need the content of the meat like  just go ahead eat them.
But something that you have to remember if you are a starter minimalist like me. if y…

Paper less, Digitalize in Minimalist Way

Right now is the best way to save your space. As we know that we are live in digital era where everything you need is available digitally. So it’s time to make everything digital. And digital era is related to minimalism lifestyle where you have to safe or having less things so digital helps a lot.
If you need books, don’t buy it. Check to library or search online. If it’s available either in library or online it’s good you can save money and save space in your home. But remember that you have to read digitally, do not print.
Get the old photos away with scan the, and keep them digitally in your computer or laptop. May be you don’t want to through the old photos because those are memorable and may be those are important in your life.
You like to write? Or you usually write your diary? Okay. You better still to make and keep them digitally. If you write your dairy in book note just stop it. Make them digitalized.
You want to send a letter. Stop going to post office and give them what you j…

Culture of Consuming

May be everyday you read the latest newspaper and it provides the latest news but something weather you realize it or not is newspaper also provides advertisements. The advertisements persuade us to buy the products; okay the product can help you to undergo this life easily. Almost all the advertisements say like that. But is that a must you buy all of those products? Okay I know it’s up to you whether you buy it or not but something that you have to know that every product you buy make sure that that product can help you to reduce stress. Okay may be you are asking what kind of things I can buy then? Okay the things you should buy is what you need, not the latest product. Nothing’s wrong with the advisement but all we need is our consciousness when we buy something. Marketing try to persuade people to buy their products and they have the profit besides the high profit they offer amazing products. It’s not wrong.  Can you imagine if you home full of your things like furniture, picture…

How to Switch Your Lifestyle into Minimalism Lifestyle?

Some of people when hear the word minimalism, something across their mind is live in extreme life I mean, you won’t go to grocery stores, you won’t go to malls, you won’t go traveling and any other thought that depict something extreme-life-way. So for me minimalism is not something which stop me to shop but minimalism makes me can choose which I must buy, I mean minimalism as the brake so I can handle myself when I am in the grocery stores or malls.
So all you have to do is change your perspective. Here you should think that minimalism as a brake in your life, like for me if I want buy something that I don’t need, minimalism reminds me that thing is not important so I won’t buy. Maybe when you say to people around you that you are a minimalist may be you receive a lot and different critics or suggestions. So here when you are in that situation and you need to change then you confused about what’s going on because a lot and different critics or suggestions come to you. So you have to c…

How it Feels Become a Student in New City Alone?

The sentence above means that you have to live out of your home city for studies. In Indonesia well known as merantu. Some of you maybe it’s going to be hard because you are far apart with your family or even your best friends. It’s hard right. And the worst you have to manage your life alone so I mean when you wake up then you have to cook for your breakfast and get ready to go to campus of course. If you are in home, your mom will cook your breakfast and sometimes help you to get ready. If you live far apart with your home it there be a plus side and minus side and so does if you live at home with your family.
There are several things would you feel when you far apart with your home. The first thing is home sick. Yes maybe some of you wouldn’t feel this way. But for me in the beginning of staying in Jogja I felt like this is my freedom has come. And then several months later I feel lonely and I felt like no one (family) put attention on me whereas me, in Jogja felt lonely. The first…

How to Start as an Independent Girl?

If you are pampered, it’s time to start something new. It’s time to be independent so you don’t depend on someone anymore and you can do want you by yourself and you can show people around that you can.  But how to start as an independent girl? Okay since you go everywhere with you mother it’s time go everywhere alone. It’s good spend time with your mother and it isn’t wrong but all you have to do is reorganize your time when you will go with your mother or family and when you have spend your time to go out alone. If you are scared if you go out alone believe that criminal will happen everywhere and anywhere, no place in this world is the safest place so you should believe that everyone is nice when you act nicely to everyone you meet.
Another thing will shows you as an independent girl is clean your bed room by yourself. Show your mom you can do it. And start to think that your bed  room is your wisdom, your place who you are the leader so you can do whatever you want to do in your be…

How to Deal With Stress?

Stress can come and go out of our expectation. Sometimes, anything which is happening and it’s just a small thing could makes us feel uneasy and stress would come. A lot of things cause stress and as we know that stress something that we can’t deny the existence. But sometimes stress could come from our daily basis so we keep repeating it constantly and it comes such a boring thing. So to make the stress goes is go out and do something new and weird or whatever can helps you to get away from that stress. For example, for me as introvert person I will go out to the spot which is so crowded and feel the situation which is weird for me or I will buy a new magazine and it helps you to reduce stress because magazine provides information which is new, fresh and sometimes it’s inspiring. It’s good to get know a new information.  Or if you want to save money, it’s simple, just listen to the music at your bedroom. Close your eyes, empty your mind and feel the empty atmosphere, this is the best…

Introvert personality and I

Introvert is known as one of type of personality in general. So an Introvert is known a calm person and do not like to go out and have better feeling at home or room. An introvert love to spend time alone at home or room. An introvert likes to be alone and relax. If in a group an introvert like to be calm and don’t like to talk a lot. An introvert is kind of easy going person. But if an introvert wants to go out they rather go alone than with their group of friend.
I’m an introvert but don’t mean that I don’t have friends or best friends. I have both of them. But in college I have best friend who is introvert too. She doesn’t like to spend time hang out and have useless talk. She rather likes to spend time to do assignments at home and if she have to go out it would be a discussion for assignments.  So that’s why we can understand each other and support each other if there is someone misunderstand about our personality. Sometimes people think that we are arrogant because we don’t too …

The Differences between Sex and Gender

Many people misunderstand between sex and gender. Some of them think that sex and gender is the same thing. Okay, for what I know sex and gender is completely different. I’m not an expert at gender studies but at least I try to know the truth and avoid misunderstanding so I can support the gender equality and how to apply the gender equality in my life.
Okay, sex is given by God and we can’t deny it because God create us like this so we have to deal it right? The thing which given by God is you are a female or you are a man. So I mean, because I am  a female so I have vagina and boobs and I get my period every single month, I give birth one day, breastfeed to my babies one day and so many thing which can identify as female. So for gender the definition is role or status which is human constructed. So everything which people construct it and it’s dynamic. It will follow the development of the world or life. So like today women can have a good career besides have to do home chores. Mayb…

Beauty Standard

I’m Asian girl. I’m not white. In my country, or at least women around try hard to look like white women. They put the beauty standard on white women but not for me. my beauty standard is myself, because I love myself for who I am. But I am not blaming white women is ugly. Every woman in this world has their own beauty in their own way. In country, women really like to apply cosmetics product which can help their skin to be white. For me it’s weird. Why don’t they love their selves. Every woman is beautiful but the sad thing is women in my country can easily persuaded by advertisement of the product.
For me, I never put my beauty standard to any specific place or race. I am thankful to God that gives whatever I have today; my body and the features, family, friends, clothes, books, college, everything. And also I thank God for creating us differently and I can say it’s the color of life. Wherever you go, you will see different people with different culture, religion and language. It’s …

Me- Time: Get to Know Yourself

For me me-time means hanging out with myself. When I do me-time all I want is just time and I. I don’t need friends because I just want to focus to myself. It’s important to get know yourself deeper so you can love yourself. My suggestion just get to know yourself so you can love yourself then you can love anyone else.
So when you do me-time all you have to do is do something you like. Try something new is better. If you like traveling than it’s an amazing idea to do. Solo-traveling is a good Idea to do. Prepare everything before traveling can helps you to know who you are, what you want and your personality. Are you a simple one? Or are you not a simple one? Do you prefer to comfortable or cheap? If you choose comfortable maybe you are the one who don’t want to sleep with many people in one room.

Or if you like to save money then you can do me-time by listening to music in your bedroom. It’s simple! Or read a book, or go to salon and you deserve what is actually girls want.  But the m…

Being Happier

Basically this post is all about reducing your stress. Relating to New Year so it mean that you have a new and fresh start. Let’s talk this beginning of year to be a good person, to be a happier person, start to enjoy your life. Right now is the best time to start something new. Okay, I’m going to relate this problem to minimalism. For me, personally, minimalism is all about reducing my stress. I have less stuffs it make me happy. I don’t put too much attention on my stuffs so I can focus to my things which is very important. College, assignments, friends, family and the most important is my goals of life. 
The key to be happier person is to do something new. If you have savings and afford you to do traveling, go ahead, spend that money on it. You can get a lot of experience on traveling, get something new about the local culture, hear the new language, meet people who is very different with you and many other things you will get. Just spend your money on experience, don’t ever spend m…

Being Healthy

For me my health is priceless, I think everyone agree with this way.  But a lot of people around me say to me that I’m not healthy because I am fat. For me, being fat or slim doesn’t define you are healthy or not. You are slim but maybe you have some troubles with your health, it could be. Or you are fat but you have some troubles with your health, it could be. Both of them have possibility to have some troubles with health. Like what I said before that I am fat, but I try to eat healthy. I avoid greasy food, fastfood, junkfood, and any other unhealthy food. I try to eat veggies and fruits more but I never hope that I would be slim after eating veggies and fruits because all I want is to be healthy not slim. I’m telling you in 2016 I only ate fastfood four times. Yes in the whole 2016. I don’t like to eat at fastfood chains.
Like what I said before that I eat veggies and fruits more than meat. I organize my time when I will eat meat or chicken. I am not vegetarian. But I refuse to eat…

As Traditional Dancer (Ratoeh Jaroe and Pukat Dance), Aceh Origin

ratoeh Jaroe Performance in Taiwan  pukat Dance Performance in Taiwan I never imagined that I could dance and dance was not my passion until I was in senior high school I often watched modern dance such as hip hop dance and Indian dance but I didn’t put attention on traditional dance.  I thought that was not interesting. Then when I was in the first year in college I joined a community of student which engages traditional dance which is Aceh origin. This community is activity of student in campus.
The dance I learn is different. The performance of this dance is the dancers perform the dance in sitting position. When the dancers enter and go out the stage, they usually walk into the stage with the backsound then when the dancer fully on stage they give a bow to the viewers then they will sit on the stage and start to dance. Pukat dance is very interesting one. The dancer make a net for fish on the stage!  This dance has meaning of how the fisherman catch the fish in the sea. Ratoeh jaroe…

New Year, New Resolution

For me it’s a must to renew my resolution every single year. It helps me to do my all have-to-do-things in that year. Also it helps me to focus what is the most important things and for me all things which I write must be accomplished in end of the year, if not it’s okay but I have to do that thing in the next year or I replace that thing to the new one. Sometimes it’s hard for me to do or I have no ability to do that. Basically I never want to give up.
In this post, I will help you to write and make you new resolution for 2017. Maybe it’s late but it’s okay, January haven’t ended yet. So first thing that you have to take a note that everything that you want to achieve in this year is something you like and something brings you joy so, you can easily achieve those goals. Make sure that everything which you want to achieve in this year is something no forcing to do those things. Make sure you do not get any forces to do those target or goals. It helps you a lot.
Then, you have to take a…