I don’t wear make up

The reason why I don’t wear makeup is because I don’t like to spend my time in the morning to apply all of the makeup stuff on my face. I know it takes a long time (maybe) but for me I rather to do something to improve my knowledge like read a book or just write to-do list for that day. I never wear powder or foundation or whatever in daily life. I just have three lipsticks, one mascara, one eyeliner. Why do I have them? Because I’m a (traditional) dancer so when my team will perform sometimes I have to bring my own makeup kit so that’s why I bought those makeup kit. But for daily life (go to campus or meet up with friends to do assignments) I don’t wear them I rather let my face no makeup on it. I think it’s amazing. I just show my real face, my natural face and I’ proud of it. Sometimes I get some pimples but I don’t care , I don’t want to cover them because it’s natural when you have pimples so I mean it’s supposed to be like that sometimes. Just deal with it.

I can say that having no makeup kit help me to maintain my natural face. My feeling when I don’t wear makeup is better that I wear makeup. When I will to perform, I go to the toilet to check the costume and the makeup is fine but when I look at my face the thing that across my mind is this is not my face, it’s stranger’s face.

Another reason is God creates me with a beautiful  body, skin, hair, eyes and everything on my body. And I just want to say thank God for everything you give me. Everything. Family, friends and my body. So that’s why I love myself for who I am and I don’t want to cover something which is strange because it’s not beautiful. I’m telling you that everything which God create it it’s perfect.

I don’t wear make doesn’t mean that nobody around me doesn’t care about my no makeup face. They try to encourage me to wear make up in daily life specially my team dance. “you are girl so you have to wear makeup” that’s sentence I hear so often when I meet them. But sorry I have to ignore it because without makeup I am still a girl. I know I am not a feminine girl, I am boyish but hey I am still a girl. I believe in myself that without makeup I am more beautiful that wear makeup. And you have to take a note that makeup doesn’t define you are beautiful. Your natural face define you are beautiful.

** the ladies who wear makeup who read this writing I just want to say that I’m not blaming you over your makeup. I just want you to know that your natural face is beautiful whatever it is, it’s still beautiful. Ladies, you wear makeup but you are still beautiful.        


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