Food in Minimalist Way

In life we have to eat for surviving but do we need eat excessively? I don’t think so.  I know food is something that we need but if you eat food excessively there’s no good effect in your body. Nothing. Minimalism teaches me how to eat as much as I need so I mean I just eat what I need and stop eating unnecessary food for my body. I don’t like beef and chicken basically I don’t like meat so I won’t eat meat unless I have to eat that. There’s something force me to eat them. I’ll eat them in uneasy way.

Okay if some of you label me as vegetarian but for me I am not because I just don’t like meat because I don’t like meat, not because vegetarian lifestyle force me to stop eating meat. But I don’t know if some day I will be a vegetarian and stop eating meat.
So if you are a minimalist no one forbid you to eat meat. It’s up to you. If you think you need the content of the meat like  just go ahead eat them.

But something that you have to remember if you are a starter minimalist like me. if you are a minimalist, you don’t need to be  vegetarian. But yes vegetarian concept is similar to minimalism which means that both of teach us to stop eating when you are almost full. Not too full and what you eat is what you need for your body.

As minimalist you better cook at home rather eat outside. Sometimes when you eat at a restaurant and you are served with a big portion and you are unable to eat all of them. What will you do? Leave that food there and go home? What a waste! If you cook at home I believe that you will cook as much as you need. Nothing’s waste. And also the food you cook at home is healthy this is what minimalists look for.

But if you want to eat outside okay no one forbids you. Organize your time. But make sure that you are not too often to eat outside to reduce eating unhealthy food.

If you cook at home I believe that you are focusing on healthy food and as we know healthy food is what human need right?   


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