How to Switch Your Lifestyle into Minimalism Lifestyle?

Some of people when hear the word minimalism, something across their mind is live in extreme life I mean, you won’t go to grocery stores, you won’t go to malls, you won’t go traveling and any other thought that depict something extreme-life-way. So for me minimalism is not something which stop me to shop but minimalism makes me can choose which I must buy, I mean minimalism as the brake so I can handle myself when I am in the grocery stores or malls.

So all you have to do is change your perspective. Here you should think that minimalism as a brake in your life, like for me if I want buy something that I don’t need, minimalism reminds me that thing is not important so I won’t buy. Maybe when you say to people around you that you are a minimalist may be you receive a lot and different critics or suggestions. So here when you are in that situation and you need to change then you confused about what’s going on because a lot and different critics or suggestions come to you. So you have to choose someone as motivator or minimalist motivator. Choose someone who is suitable to you and his or her thoughts help to stay on your own way to be a minimalist. Find a minimalist expert as your role model. But if you want to start a minimalist and you haven’t declutter your things, it’s time to declutter your things. Just start from the specific place like closet, shoes rack, book rack, kitchen, living room and many spot which you can start from. If you haven’t start to declutter your things it means you haven’t yet to be a minimalist, so come one get up and roll up your sleeve! Just do it.

But if you are in hard situation where you are still confused about you decision to be a minimalist so the best thing you should do is do a challenge. Yes it seems simple but if you do it, it depends on you. Do a challenge as a minimalist or effort of doing declutter. My suggestion you better do a challenge with the period at least a month. If you do something new in a month and you enjoy it, it become a habit. Believe me, it works! When you do the challenge, something you shouldn’t forget is change your mind that minimalism will helps you to enjoy life in better way.

So, all you should do is make a change and change your perspective.


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