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Okay on this post I am going to talk about my perspective on marriage. May be this is a sensitive topic but I think that this is something that I want to share because may be I have a wrong perspective so you can correct me.

Right now, I am 19 on the way to 20 on this year but  I never think that I will to get marry. Yes I won’t but whereas my friends (some of them) already think about it, for me it’s a blurred future.  I have talked about this with my sister. She said that it’s normal when you like someone yes I of course I feel that way too but I never like someone in sexual way so that is the matter. I thought that I am asexual but for my sister she said that it’s not your time to think about marriage I can say that I am too young. It could happen when you have other priorities. But that’s right. Having someone you love it’s nice when you are always by his/her side but for me it’s not always nice. I have to do a lot of things.

Well in the other day, I wrote about my feeling or perspective on marriage on my phone. Okay the note on my phone says that marriage is unfair. In Indonesia, the virginity about a woman who will get marry soon is something important. But I wonder why man’s virginity who will get marry soon never considers as an important thing. Is that unfair? Also after marriage a lot of things which woman has to do or have to keep the value of her husband. I don’t know may be I am crazy talking about this but this is something that I don’t like.

“Honestly, I don’t mind if man and woman have  a child but not married. Society always forces us to maintain our virginity. And I am questioning, is do we measure people with their virginity? When  a man want to marry a woman the first thing that they consider about choosing woman is virginity. They don’t want to marry a sl*t! but then I am questioning again why women in choosing   a man who will become her husband don’t consider about their virginity? Women have to maintain their virginity fiercely but men don’t! this is imbalance! Unfair! Why do you guys always consider about virginity? Losing virginity not only because you had sex with someone! A lot of things cause losing virginity!

I am a woman but I don’t really care about whether I am losing my virginity or not. Having said that I have to maintain it because I don’t want to “give” my virginity to anyone! Because I don't interest with having relationship. But I truly support to all the women out there who have child and not married but then have  bad critics from people around you, don’t care about what people say about you even you are losing your virginity but you are the best mom who bring up your child with your own.”

May be I have different thought so that’s why I am a weirdo. But actually this is nothing to do with my age, this is about my thought instead. Should I keep it or leave it?  


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