Simplify Your Life

What do you feel when you are busy? You don’t have enough time for 24? So can you do the most important things in your life when you are busy? Do you have me-time? What will you when you are stress while busy? Do you write what-to-do-today list or something similar like that every day? Does it work?

Well write what-to-do-today list is something good when you start you morning so you have “direction” what you are going to do for that day but can you accomplish all of that? Well maybe yes maybe no. for me, every day I start with writing what-to-do-today so I can depict what will happen today. But I try to not write many things on it, avoiding that I can accomplish all of them and I think I have a big failure in that day but it doesn’t mean that I am a loser. No. exactly no. I just try to focus the things that are very important to me. and trust me, it can help you to simplify your life. You won’t have many tasks that day, you can enjoy your time when the break time is coming, and you can be relaxed.

So my suggestion is just wake up and write the list and think the 3 lists that is very important to you and make sure that filling on the list can make you happy and enjoy the time flies. Yes this is it minimalism isn’t all about declutter physical things but also unphysical things (your time and schedule!) and it’s proved that minimalism can helps you to simplify your life.
Do you think, you have a lot of schedule and do those things make you happy? If don’t just try this. But (oh my god, almost forgot!) here when you choose the important things you have to ask to yourself what are your priorities? And that question helps you to choose the 3 important things on list.

Aaannnddd once again, I think new year resolution helps you to focus on your goals in a year and impact in your daily life. Catch them! Don’t stop in the middle of the year! Declutter your schedule and fill  with the valuable ones!

On this post, I didn’t mean to encourage all of you to be lazy; catch the important ones is not a lazy habit. It help you to catch your dream gradually. Don’t be lazy and respect to your time!


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