Meaning of Minimalism Lifestyle

The meaning of minimalism is different for different people. But the same point is to have fewer things so you will have less storage for those things. Minimalists believe that things can’t make you happy. But it doesn’t mean that you have nothing. No one force you to have nothing if you are a minimalist but you have fewer things which mean you only have what you really need.

So I mean, you don’t have the latest trendy clothes, the latest technology, the latest trendy shoes. You only have all of them which is what you really need. So you understand the level of your necessity. You don’t buy things which you don’t really need.

But how we don’t buy the latest trendy clothes where a lot of people follow what is trendy right now? My suggestion is you have to search by yourself how to survive in this capitalist world nowadays. For me I don’t want to look old-fashioned so I have tops which I can wear in all trendy is in. I have “plain” t shirts and shirts so can wear them in many events ether formal or non formal and I can wear them when what tops are in right now. They last forever. Go ahead just search the ways you survive!

Basically all you look for if you are a minimalist is simplicity not luxury. You don’t have excessive clothes, shoes, watches, accessories, debt, and anything because you don’t want to waste your time for maintaining and clearing.

Basically, you just try to save your time for happiness, peace, joy, your thoughts, and your soul because you believe that things don’t make you happy and you can get less stress that’s all you look for right?

Less things means less stress.

This is just a start for meaning of minimalism.


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