Body Shamming

I’m a fatty girl. When I was in junior and senior high school I was the biggest student in class but I never thought about my body and I never compared my body to my friends’ body. I felt like I have same body with them. But my feeling was so different with around people around me. Family. Friends. They told me that I had I fatty body so it was abnormal and it was ugly looking. The worst was no men would love you because I had a big body. But I never thought that I need a boy to care to me.  I thought that only me could care myself. No one else. They forced me to do exercise and to stopped drinking milk, eating cheese, eating chocolate, eating meat, basically stopped to eat everything accept fruits and veggies. It’s okay because I love fruits and veggies but I love chocolate too!

For me I have no trouble with my body until right now. I’m still a fatty girl and maybe they are right that no men love me because I’m a fatty girl but I’m telling you that I never put my hope to someone ( men) to take care of me, to love me or do whatever I ask to. I love myself, and I just want to put my attention only to myself. To be honest, I have a trouble with clothes size. My size is XL and you know it’s hard to find. But I never feel that I am wrong. If I can’t find women clothes I will buy men clothes with size plus and I love men T-shirt! It’s so comfortable.

Until now, my friends, my family but basically all people around me have a perspective that if you are a young girl you must have a slim body because your body is your “asset” but I think that I must be proud because I have a big body so my “asset” is high value, right?

Okay let’s talk about the truth.  Honestly when I was in senior high school I tried to accept my body and myself for who I am. And you have to know that it took times. It was a long time. But it’s worth. No regrets. I am a fatty girl but I am proud of myself because I am strong enough to though all of the “negative” critics over my body. Don’t forget to love yourself! 


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