How to Start as an Independent Girl?

If you are pampered, it’s time to start something new. It’s time to be independent so you don’t depend on someone anymore and you can do want you by yourself and you can show people around that you can.  But how to start as an independent girl? Okay since you go everywhere with you mother it’s time go everywhere alone. It’s good spend time with your mother and it isn’t wrong but all you have to do is reorganize your time when you will go with your mother or family and when you have spend your time to go out alone. If you are scared if you go out alone believe that criminal will happen everywhere and anywhere, no place in this world is the safest place so you should believe that everyone is nice when you act nicely to everyone you meet.

Another thing will shows you as an independent girl is clean your bed room by yourself. Show your mom you can do it. And start to think that your bed  room is your wisdom, your place who you are the leader so you can do whatever you want to do in your bed room. It’s your privacy. And this thing is something which helps you to be an independent girl; I believe this way is the best. Go to a university which located out of your city or overseas. Seriously it will helps you. If you live alone out of your city and your family is a million miles away from you, you can do whatever you want to do and you will through the downs in your life wisely. If you stay far away from your family, whether you want or not you will be an independent girl.

So if you want to be an independent girl start with something small and it will helps you to act a huge thing.


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