Introvert personality and I

Introvert is known as one of type of personality in general. So an Introvert is known a calm person and do not like to go out and have better feeling at home or room. An introvert love to spend time alone at home or room. An introvert likes to be alone and relax. If in a group an introvert like to be calm and don’t like to talk a lot. An introvert is kind of easy going person. But if an introvert wants to go out they rather go alone than with their group of friend.

I’m an introvert but don’t mean that I don’t have friends or best friends. I have both of them. But in college I have best friend who is introvert too. She doesn’t like to spend time hang out and have useless talk. She rather likes to spend time to do assignments at home and if she have to go out it would be a discussion for assignments.  So that’s why we can understand each other and support each other if there is someone misunderstand about our personality. Sometimes people think that we are arrogant because we don’t too often socialize with them. Buy I admit it because I have to do my assignments at my rented room alone so I can focus and think about my assignments. May be people can easily do assignments wherever they are even in the crowded, not for me. if I feel down about this situation ( misunderstanding) my best friend support and give attention on me so I can feel better.
My introvert habits are; don’t like hanging out with friend outside, love to study quietly I mean in calm situation is the best time for me to study, hard to get close with new friends, don’t want to show off on media social so  I mean that I don’t want so many people know about me because I feel relax when I don’t have notification on my phone so that’s why I don’t have snapchat, twitter and facebook ( inactive right know) so honestly I just have watsapp, instagram, BBM, Line.

I can say that I am too shy to show myself but I am still proud to be who I am and  I love myself for who I am so I think I like to have my life to be a relax life so I can enjoy my life better. But I am still happy.    


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