Count Your Stuffs

Honestly, I don’t count my stuffs because I have them cause I need them. So I try to buy something based on my necessity. I don’t know it’s okay whether count your stuff or don’t in minimalism. But for me I can’t give the limit strictly because I still need stuffs because they help me and complete my necessity.

Becoming minimalist doesn’t mean that you only have 100 items in the entire your life. For me becoming minimalist only have stuffs based on necessity. In case you don’t know that some of minimalist live in less 100 items, it could happen because well may be that’s her/his necessity, I can’t blame.

Actually I have the limit owning stuffs. Really I have. But the limit is based on my activities and time. For example, if I am a woman who doesn’t have children, why should I buy toys, kids clothes, kids book etc? well this is about timing. Right now is not my time to buy all of them because I don’t have children if one day I have a child well I can say that this is my time for buying those stuffs. I am a student so I need notes, I need books, I need laptop, I need backpacks etc. well that my necessity so I have to have them because those stuffs can support my activities at college. So let the time and activities define what you need and what should you buy. If you put your trust on activities and time you won’t buy stuffs by their latest trend.

But you have to take a note that becoming minimalist doesn’t has rules so it’s your consciousness to take an action to define you are a minimalist. So if you want to count your stuffs my suggestion is you have to know your necessity so you can define you how many do you have to own stuffs.    


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