Closet – Must have for minimalist

this is a simple post.
As a minimalist, you have to think the clothes is the ones you will wear in daily life. If you have an outfit which you haven’t wear them for three or six months, it means that that outfit is no longer want to be exist in your closet. Donate it or sell it. It’s up to you. As a minimalist you have to organize and minimalize your closet. These are items you must have in your closet if you are a minimalist or trying to be a minimalist.

1.    T- shirts, I recommend black or grey (mainly) because black and grey is easy to mix and match with another item.
2.    Shirts, I recommend black or grey, you can go to informal and formal events with shirts so I really recommend you must have a black shirt to combine with another item.
3.       Black jeans.
4.    A black or grey cardigan, it would be easy to mix and match with another item and also warm up your body when you feel cold.
5.    A jacket, the color is up to you. But I suggest red because I would be great when you combine with black t-shirt or shirt.
6.    A (long) dress. The color is up to you but I suggest to choose the color that help you to combine with another item you have.
7.       A high heel. Black high heel is the best!
8.   A sandal. When summer is coming this sandal can help you to hang out all day long. Choose a nice sandal!

9.    Two sneakers or flat shoes. If you are boyish you must have sneakers but if you are not you can choose flat shoes.  


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