How to Deal With Stress?

Stress can come and go out of our expectation. Sometimes, anything which is happening and it’s just a small thing could makes us feel uneasy and stress would come. A lot of things cause stress and as we know that stress something that we can’t deny the existence. But sometimes stress could come from our daily basis so we keep repeating it constantly and it comes such a boring thing. So to make the stress goes is go out and do something new and weird or whatever can helps you to get away from that stress. For example, for me as introvert person I will go out to the spot which is so crowded and feel the situation which is weird for me or I will buy a new magazine and it helps you to reduce stress because magazine provides information which is new, fresh and sometimes it’s inspiring. It’s good to get know a new information.  Or if you want to save money, it’s simple, just listen to the music at your bedroom. Close your eyes, empty your mind and feel the empty atmosphere, this is the best way to listen to music. Or another thing helps you to save money is watching youtube videos, it could be makes you laugh and sometimes it’s inspiring.

Something interesting, I think is I love to read travelogue so I can feel that I am on vacation. It’s amazing that I can feel the new city and new country for me and the most interesting is it’s unnecessary to visit those cities and those countries but I can know about those cities and countries. I say it as traveling without going. If you live in Indonesia you can buy Trinity’s books. She is well known as woman traveler from Indonesia who have launched her books and become the best travelogue books.

But if you have tried a lot of things which help you to get away or reduce stress it means there’s something remain or you haven’t done yet is believe that the problem ( or whatever it is) will be end soon and remember that tomorrow is the brand new day so be happy. 


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