Paper less, Digitalize in Minimalist Way

Right now is the best way to save your space. As we know that we are live in digital era where everything you need is available digitally. So it’s time to make everything digital. And digital era is related to minimalism lifestyle where you have to safe or having less things so digital helps a lot.

If you need books, don’t buy it. Check to library or search online. If it’s available either in library or online it’s good you can save money and save space in your home. But remember that you have to read digitally, do not print.

Get the old photos away with scan the, and keep them digitally in your computer or laptop. May be you don’t want to through the old photos because those are memorable and may be those are important in your life.

You like to write? Or you usually write your diary? Okay. You better still to make and keep them digitally. If you write your dairy in book note just stop it. Make them digitalized.

You want to send a letter. Stop going to post office and give them what you just wrote in a piece of paper. Open you computer or laptop, write what you want to say and then you can send it through email.

Okay, every day we have to know what’s going on in our society or this world. It’s a must. But stop buying newspapers and magazines. They are available online. Can you imagine if your home is free of the clutter of magazines or newspapers? I can say that your home must be clean.

If you are a student this is something that you have to remember that stop buying books. Like what I said before that you can go to the library or search online but don’t print it just read them digitally.

So the message that I want to deliver for you is if you go paperless you save your earth. Yes you save natural resources or at least you are trying to make this earth a better place to live. So what you have to do is store everything digitally not physical storage.     
 look how minimalism teaches us how to love our earth!


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