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this is random and special post

This post is very special post. I am going to write my review about and THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. What I write is basically what I experience since the first time I use

For the first I am going to tell you about my story when I used for the first time. On the Friday morning, I woke up and got ready to go to campus and attended a class. In the end of the class the lecturer told us about our last assignment for this semester. He said that we (his students) had to create a brochure about anything we wanted. It was up to us. Since I learnt a lot about minimalism and then I decided to make a brochure about minimalism but there was something which I couldn’t do this. How I can create a brochure?
The day after tomorrow I had to give that assignment to the lecturer yes the lecturer was going to collect the assignment whereas I didn’t even make it about I didn’t know where I can make it. I didn’t have any visual graphic program on my computer or I couldn’t operate with paint, word or any program on my computer, and the worst I hadn’t touched visual graphic world. What should I do?

Then I texted my best friend I asked her did she finished yet? And she said yes also she recommended to me. she said it’s easy to use you can create whatever as you want. The I started to make my brochure with on that night, I didn’t only make my assignment but also I tried many feature on there and I started to like it’s amazing, I like it. It provides free brochure, blog title, youtube thumbnail, instagram post, presentation, facebook post, certificate, resume, blog graphic , infographic and many others designs and if you want to pay it provides the paid designs. And don’t forget to put credit. You can click on I love canva on element feature.

When I started blogging, I forgot that I can use for my picture and blog title for my blog and this is the third post that I use and I am going to use it when I need a picture or to change my title blog’s design.

This is from the bottom of my heart, if you are a starter blogger, like me I recommend you to use for your picture on blog or even blog title and you can use it for any purposes and don’t forget to give the credit for through put “made in canva” or “I love canva” you get them on element feature.   


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