What Is Minimalism For Me?

The definition of minimalism is different among people (among minimalists of course) so for me minimalism is having everything you have on level “enough”. So here, I try to think about which one is very important to me (also I apply this while shopping). Like what I said before (on first post ) that I’m not “fully” minimalist because I’m a newbie so everything that I want to rid it’s based on important level. Everything that I have it’s not less and it’s not more.

Maybe some of you is wondering why I’m trying to have less thing? It’s simple! To have a better life. Imagine, that you have less things and you have a lot of space in your room, maybe you’re asking what? having space? Yes having space. Having more space can help you to focus on your important thing and more important is enjoy life. For me, having a lot of things is terrible. It sucks. Yes because I can’t enjoy my life.

While do shopping, a lot of things around the supermarket ensure me that they also important so I can put them on my cart. Before buying I have a lot of questions across my mind. “is this important?”, “ is this thing only for one thing?” (I tend to choose something which have multiple benefits), “how important this thing to me?”, etc. from the questions I have, I can choose which one is more important and I can think clearly. Believe me think clearly while shopping could help you to save money.

my first post: http://iinminimalist.blogspot.co.id/2017/01/why-did-i-create-minimalism-blog.html


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