How to Loose Weight

This topic is very popular among girls. I am sure that most of the girls in this world make a new year resolution is to loose weight. Me too. But I feel like I never succeed years before so that’s why for this year I have  a strict diet but I don’t make my self-suffering over the diet, I make it fun instead, no pressure but still on the commitment. 

To loose weight doesn’t mean that you don’t love to your body or content with your body. For me the purpose of diet is to be healthier, so if this year I would be slimmer it’s okay at least I have a healthy body because I consume healthy food. I can say that you want to be healthier, fitter, or more to love yourself. But I know you have your own reason to loose weight but I’m hoping that the purpose of loosing weight because you love yourself and your body.

So here I am to list down the ways to loose weight;

1. Make a tight commitment to yourself that you won’t to break up this effort to loose weight. Take a note to yourself that you will keep it. I know sometimes It’s hard to stand still on our own commitments but you can be focus on your goal and remember what is the purpose of dieting. i think it would help you if you want to break up the commitment.

2. Workout. You can see a lot of workout videos on Youtube but I suggest doing zumba for you workout routine because it’s so much fun but if you are not into it that’s okay you can decide another way to have workout routine. I suggest you better have 3 – times workout in a week.

3. Walk. Yes walk is another way to workout. Put down your car’s key and go outside and take a walk. Go with your feet but also this is a good way to replace your workout routine like what I said before. If you have sopping street or pedestrian walk around your area this is a good idea to take a walk in the weekend. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle and take a walk at least once in a week. Or you can go to school or office with public transportation.

4. Eat healthier. Reorganize your time to eat meat. I am not saying that meat is not healthy but if you are in diet you must to eat veggies more often so that’s why you have to organize your time when you can eat meat. But take a note that you have to eat veggies and fruits more often.

5. No fast food and junk food. This is a big NO NO NO.  Avoid them; never touch them in the groceries stores. 


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