Cleaning: Routine Activity of a Minimalist

I can say that a minimalist loves to clean closet, home, room etc. why? Because when you declutter it means you are cleaning. I have wrote this on other post before that when you decide to be a minimalist something that you have to do is decluttering so you clean something, it could be your room, kitchen, living room, closet or another spot. 
Cleaning is a must do if you are a minimalist because you have to check and re-check is everything you have is everything you need? so if some of them is something that you don’t need why you keep them? Donate it or sell it.

From my experience, when I decide to be a minimalist something has changed, yes I love cleaning. Through cleansing I know something that I don’t need anymore and I will donate it or just give it to my sisters. Keep cleansing means keep decluttering. Something’s strange?

Well, if you keep decluttering so you will have less thing or worst you don’t have anything? I told you and like what I said before that when you do cleaning it means not only I’m decluttering but also maintaining everything I have. Well may be you are asking, minimalism teaches us to have less stuffs so we can save time from maintaining ( cleaning) yes I agree with that. But you have to take a note that save time means you can do it less than taken-time as usual. As usual you will spend your time around 30 minutes to clean out your room but when you have decluttered your room you will spend around 15 minutes.

Cleaning is my routine activity, I do it regularly. And the purpose is to maintain what I have so I don’t need to spend more money to buy something has broken. I can say that cleaning is the way I maintain my stuffs. What’s yours? Tell me the way you maintain your stuffs.


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