4 spots where you can declutter from

So for me the best place where you can declutter is the place where you go and fro frequently at home. I think if you look at that spot which is clean and tidy it would encourage you to do the next spot where you can declutter for the second time. But it’s up to you if you want to declutter the spot you like the most in your home. Also on this post I am going to list down the spots that I think we go and fro frequently in our home also (I think) these spots is the best start from you the beginner of being minimalist.

So first I have some tips when you are doing decluttering, I know it’s hard to make decision that you have to remove everything you have, probably because those things are your favorite things and you don’t use them anymore or because those things have incredible memories, for me to keep the incredible memories it worth to keep it only in my mind or if you have photos you can scan them keep them on your computer or laptop. So here I want to assert that you have to decide with full of conscious that you are going to remove all of those things. The things you better remove them are the things which is cover up with dust and apparently it shows that you don’t use them for a long time and it means you don’t  need them anymore.

 So here the spots you can declutter from:

1. Closet,   well if you like fashion, I bet you have a lot of clothes collection in your closet. Or if you like shoes I bet you have a lot of shoes with different color and different brands and I am also sure that you don’t wear all of them. Well why I mentioned closet is the first place where you can declutter because I know people these days love to buy the latest trendy fashion items regardless they need it or not I am sure that they will buy it.

2. Kitchen,  is where you store and find food.. yes kitchen is a small heaven for you who love food but if you have a lot of stuffs on your kitchen, is that enjoyable when you eat food? Dishes on sink, full of plates in the cabinet that you don’t use, a lot of seasonings whereas you tend to buy instant food and you end up don’t use them. Kitchen is best spot where you have to declutter because it must be full of stuffs (food and kitchenware). Clean out the refrigerator when you store food, cabinets where full of unnecessary kitchen ware. Keep your kitchen be clean so you can enjoy your food.

3. Living room. Move on the living room, If you have a lot of magazines and newspaper in the living room so the ultimate way to make your living room looks nice is remove the magazines and newspaper and also do not put too many photo frames on the TV area, I suggest only three photo frames. So to declutter furniture is a good thing to do and if you have furniture which you don’t need or you think the furniture just standing there without any benefits (aesthetic) you better sell it. Declutter furniture has a huge impact.

4. Book rack, if you love books or comics so you have a lot of them right? This is nothing to do with your lovely habit - reading book but the thing is you have  book clutter and isn’t good. Sell them or the loveliest way is donate them or give the books to foundation which engages on society welfare. At least you do something good right? And also your home is free-clutter. If you want to read books, go to the library instead.

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