The Differences between Sex and Gender

Many people misunderstand between sex and gender. Some of them think that sex and gender is the same thing. Okay, for what I know sex and gender is completely different. I’m not an expert at gender studies but at least I try to know the truth and avoid misunderstanding so I can support the gender equality and how to apply the gender equality in my life.

Okay, sex is given by God and we can’t deny it because God create us like this so we have to deal it right? The thing which given by God is you are a female or you are a man. So I mean, because I am  a female so I have vagina and boobs and I get my period every single month, I give birth one day, breastfeed to my babies one day and so many thing which can identify as female. So for gender the definition is role or status which is human constructed. So everything which people construct it and it’s dynamic. It will follow the development of the world or life. So like today women can have a good career besides have to do home chores. Maybe today men do not work so he will do home chores and protect and raise the children at home and the wife go out and work. It’s happening right now and it’s normal because now women can work and do home chores and men can work and do home chores. So here the space of women who only do home chores is blurred, there’s no space like that anymore. There’s no limit anymore.

That action is the development of gender equality. So the equality of do work at office and do work at home like home chores is belong to both women and men. So the children are not only for women’s responsible but also men especially at home. Whereas, still a lot of women in this world do not feel and do the equality. So women force to do home chores, protect and raise children and do not get good education. I won’t mention the specific place or country because sometimes the place or country which really fight on gender equality still sometimes the gender equality is blurred, I don’t know why. The gender inequality is some place could be in works or occupations, salary, education, violence, and under age marriage.

Because you are a woman so you have to get unpleasant occupation, because you are a woman so you deserve a low salary than men’s salary. Because you are a women you don’t deserve a good education because it’s useless if you are married and become stayed at home mom because you have to protect and raise your children but for me if you are a stayed at home mom you also need a good education to raise your children believe it or not mother is the first teacher for the children. Because you are  a women so you are weak and deserve a violent. Because you are women so you have to get marry in early age or even under age. All of it is showing how women protected by the wrong way.

Gender equality socialize how to protect women as subject not an object because women are also human being. Women have rights to decide their life looks like, no one else can do it.


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