As Traditional Dancer (Ratoeh Jaroe and Pukat Dance), Aceh Origin

ratoeh Jaroe Performance in Taiwan
 pukat Dance Performance in Taiwan
I never imagined that I could dance and dance was not my passion until I was in senior high school I often watched modern dance such as hip hop dance and Indian dance but I didn’t put attention on traditional dance.  I thought that was not interesting. Then when I was in the first year in college I joined a community of student which engages traditional dance which is Aceh origin. This community is activity of student in campus.

The dance I learn is different. The performance of this dance is the dancers perform the dance in sitting position. When the dancers enter and go out the stage, they usually walk into the stage with the backsound then when the dancer fully on stage they give a bow to the viewers then they will sit on the stage and start to dance. Pukat dance is very interesting one. The dancer make a net for fish on the stage!  This dance has meaning of how the fisherman catch the fish in the sea. Ratoeh jaroe describes about peace (religion) and kindness.

To be honest, I am a fatty girl. People around me including my relatives do not believe me because I am fat. If you want to dance you have a slim body, maybe which is what in my relatives’ thought. But I am confident. I want to dance. I won't stop, I will do what I want to do regardless how big is my body. basically I don't care about it. the important thing is I will do my best.  On October 2016, I attended a festival in Taiwan. Nan Ying International Folklore Festival 2016 in Tainan, Taiwan. This experience was amazing. I met a lot of people from Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Ghana and many other countries. I was so happy and proud that I could present my traditional dance in Taiwan. This opportunity to attend a festival is my biggest and best experience in my life.

Let’s talk about the difficulties of as Traditional dancer. As I dance on sitting position so have some troubles with my legs. It’s so hurt after practice, sometimes my knees get red after practice and also our chest get hurt sometimes because we beat our chest while dancing. It’s fun but it’s hurt sometimes. 


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