How To Rid Your Things?

the picture: by me

Since I decided to become a minimalist, I’m trying to stop shopping, I buy things that I need. Okay,  stop shopping then I started to get rid my things that I don’t need any more. To get rid my things I know it’s hard to decide, so I tried to get rid my things from a specific place. For me shoes rack was the first place that I tried to. I loved shoes to death but they didn’t remain me any happiness or content so  I decided to threw it away which not proper to wear at all and some of them I gave to my relative and my sisters who was need those shoes. Right know, shoes that I have is only the ones that I wear the most. Sometimes, I just bought the shoes but I didn’t want to wear. Such a waste! Then moved to clothes that I have. I gave clothes that I don’t need to my sisters and my relatives.

I explained how I rid my things look like it’s easy. Apparently, it’s not. I have to think consciously which one that I like and I will often to wear them. Some of my shoes and clothes I could easily I gave to my sisters and relatives but many of them it was hard to decide. So I let them stayed in my closet to see will I wear them in a certain period of time like 6 months or 3 months. If after 6 or 3 months still don’t wear them it’s mean I don’t want them be exist in my closet anymore. Again, give them to my relatives or my sisters.

You have to take a note that process of getting rid your things is not easy. It takes time. So be patient! And think consciously and be a good thinker for your things.


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