New Year, New Resolution

For me it’s a must to renew my resolution every single year. It helps me to do my all have-to-do-things in that year. Also it helps me to focus what is the most important things and for me all things which I write must be accomplished in end of the year, if not it’s okay but I have to do that thing in the next year or I replace that thing to the new one. Sometimes it’s hard for me to do or I have no ability to do that. Basically I never want to give up.

In this post, I will help you to write and make you new resolution for 2017. Maybe it’s late but it’s okay, January haven’t ended yet. So first thing that you have to take a note that everything that you want to achieve in this year is something you like and something brings you joy so, you can easily achieve those goals. Make sure that everything which you want to achieve in this year is something no forcing to do those things. Make sure you do not get any forces to do those target or goals. It helps you a lot.

Then, you have to take an oath to yourself that you are going those things in this year. Please, don’t break that oath, if you do, you have to get a punishment to yourself so here you will learn how to discipline. I think you deserve a punishment because you are lake of discipline. Whereas, if you accomplish your goals or your resolution, give yourself a gift! This is the way you respect to yourself. Reward yourself. It’s up to you. Maybe a holiday, a cute outfit, go to salon, have a new gadget.

It’s important to remember all the time your resolution so you will not forget your goals and you will achieve those goals in the end of the year and don’t forget to hang on the wall, I mean the resolutions you have to hang it on the wall in your room but my suggestion the position is where you often to see, maybe in the back of your door, wherever.


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