How it Feels Become a Student in New City Alone?

The sentence above means that you have to live out of your home city for studies. In Indonesia well known as merantu. Some of you maybe it’s going to be hard because you are far apart with your family or even your best friends. It’s hard right. And the worst you have to manage your life alone so I mean when you wake up then you have to cook for your breakfast and get ready to go to campus of course. If you are in home, your mom will cook your breakfast and sometimes help you to get ready. If you live far apart with your home it there be a plus side and minus side and so does if you live at home with your family.

There are several things would you feel when you far apart with your home. The first thing is home sick. Yes maybe some of you wouldn’t feel this way. But for me in the beginning of staying in Jogja I felt like this is my freedom has come. And then several months later I feel lonely and I felt like no one (family) put attention on me whereas me, in Jogja felt lonely. The first thing that I will do when I feel home sick is go out and have a fresh air or window shopping, but this way I will do it when my family is busy so I can’t call the by phone so yeah I have to do another thing to forget easily my home sick attack. Feeling home sick is normal when you are far apart with your family and your best friends. This is my opinion, feeling home sick would be caused by culture shock. When you stay in the strange place, everything is different and sometimes you feel like a alien there because you realize that only you are different so that’s why you want to feel back you home city’s atmosphere and miss everything from your home city. If culture shock also attacks you the best way to do is learn and read about that place so you can understand what they are doing or saying.

Sometimes when home sick attacks you it feel horrible when you see someone hang out with their family whereas you are alone to spend the time. But it’s okay. When you are come back to your home city, you should do that too. It makes you realize that having time with family is priceless.

Okay the plus side of staying out of your home city is you manage all of your things, and it become you are the leader of your life. No one can manage your life. Yes you are free. You are the boss. Your life is completely yours. And the most important thing is you can face this world bravely. Also, you would understand the ups and downs of life and you can conquer all of them because you are strong enough to face this world.   


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