Decluttering Your Schedules

Minimalism is about priorities so you can choose the most important to you. Without priorities I am sure you cannot decide which one is the most important. So everything you choose is based on your priorities. But not all people will agree with me about the most important in life is traveling so I can say that minimalism is different to different people. If you want to be a minimalist so you have to be smart choosing what is important.
Decluttering clothes is common in minimalism. I know some of you have a lot of clothes collection in your closet and some of them only hang in there you never wear them so those kind of clothes which only hang in there and you never wear it’s better be decluttered so you only have the ones you wear.

Minimalism not only talks about physical stuffs (clothes, furniture, shoes) but also non-physical stuffs. Hmmm what is that? Your schedules. You probably have time to declutter your clothes and forget about your schedules and the impact is you are so busy to all of them and forget how to enjoy your life. Who will guarantee if you will be alive tomorrow? No one. Only god knows that so here I assert that you have to live in the moment. At least in a day you can do one your favorite thing or may be enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening.

So here some tips from me. in the morning, after waking up get the pen and a piece of paper or a notebook, or a journal and write down what are you going to do in that day. The activities you choose are besides your routine activities and choose only three or four activities. Why three or four? Because I am sure that you have a packed of schedules. I know that because I have it too. So we only have 24 hours for a day right so you have to be smart to manage your time. As we know that half of 24 hours we use for sleeping in night and the rest of time we can do our routine activities and your what-will-do-things list but if you have enough time to do more than four activities, it’s good, just go ahead.

I hope you can enjoy your day. Live in the moment.


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