30 Days Challenge – Minimalism

A challenge is the best way to you to try something new so you can see whether you are into it or not. Why? Because during those 30  days you can think is this new thing suitable for you or not? Also for 30 days you change your life or lifestyle because if you do something new for 30 days (regarding to my experience) it becomes a habit.

But here, we are going to try to be a minimalist for 30 days. So here you can feel whether you are into it or not or suitable for you or not. During 30 days you are going to do everything related to minimalism: decluttering, have less things, eat in minimalism way, etc. so if you are comfortable, suitable and into it to minimalism lifestyle so you can keep it up for the rest of your life. Here I don’t force you to be a minimalist after those 30 days. But if you don’t like it you can resign.

So I am going to list down  what should you do in this challenge per week.
here is the infographic about 30 days challenge of being minimalist.

1.    Week 1
Read articles and books about minimalism. So in the first week you have to change your perspective about minimalism, not only about minimalism but also about your daily habit before so through reading you can understand more about minimalism.

2.    Week 2
Take an action. So here is it. On this week you have to do something, I can say it as inauguration – decluttering. Remove your unimportant things you can start from your closet, kitchen, book rack, and another spot you can start from. For decluttering I have some tips for you;  you can decide your things into 3 – the ones you don’t need, the ones will be stay with you, the ones you hesitate about – the ones on the last category it will be decluttered some day or it will be stay with you, it depends on your necessity.

3.    Week 3
After decluttering your stuffs so it’s time to live with the remaining stuff you have. So in this week you can feel of being minimalist with less stuffs or only with stuffs you need. no excessive clutter or no buying for this week. is this gives a huge impact in your life? Is this right or wrong? Do you can enjoy your life better?

4.    Week 4
So the last week comes. You can decide whether you keep it up or not. Also you can make evaluation about yourself of being a minimalist for those 30 days. The bad things and also the good things. It could be what are your faults of being a minimalist, the uncomfy side of minimalism, can’t change your perspective, handicaps, etc. Write the down.

hope you can enjoy the challenge and help you to try to become a minimalist.


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