Minimalist Fashion Style

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Fashion is everywhere and we love fashion, isn’t it? Everybody loves fashion regardless are they female or male.  But here I am gonna talk to you about  minimalist fashion. If you are a minimalist doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. Yes you can. You can look fashionable if you have some tips and tricks about what you have and fashion. So that’s what I am gonna share with you.

As minimalist, you have to be creative, especially in fashion. Why? Because you  probably have not too much fashion items so you have to be creative to mix and match what you have. So on this post mix and match method is the highlight because everything you have it encourages you to look differently even though you wear same clothes or fashion item.
So I am gonna list down how to use mix and match method to look differently yet chic.

1.    Layering, when you only wear a t-shirt and jeans so it’s time to change just add one fashion item. It is sleeveless cardigan or plaid shirt on it so you look chic.
2.    Unique shoes, guys if you have unique and cute shoes, believe me it would make your look is awesome. Imagine, when you wear white t-shirt and jeans then for the bottom you will wear unique shoes it would boost your style. If you want to look cool just wear unique shoes. It helps your style a lot.
3.    Sometimes minimalism forces us to buy everything is white including t-shirt, well you can buy painted white t-shirt but you have to take a note that the t-shirt isn’t full of pattern or painting. Just a small painting but eye-catching.
4.    Play your hair, not necessary you dye your hair, but what I mean here is just have your hair done before going out. Make it a little curly or you also can dye your hair. Oh something which helps you to look great is the cutting style of your hair.
5.    Nails Art, so nails are small part of our body. It’s small but have the huge effect, it also can boost you style so don’t forget to have you nails done. But if you don’t like to have nails art it’s okay just wear nail polish with bright color instead.

Minimalism makes us to be creative over what we have so don’t stop to think everything which help you to look great. Hacks is the best trick we have so stop to use one thing for one purpose. Everything has multi-purpose but we don’t know because we never think about it.

Hope this post can helps you to look great every day. J


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