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No Negativity on tattoos

Some of societies have their own perspective on tattoos, some like it and some refuse it. If you are from those societies who refuse the existence of tattoos this is the right place to read because i'm going to tell you my story. I want to have a tattoo because the picture that I’m going to put on my body it means a lot for me. That pict is the depiction of my life. Sometimes i can’t tell anyone how I feel  beacuse it’s very privacy. But the way people reacted to my decision on having a tattoo was like this world would end. so, the first oneI told that I wanted to have tattoo was my mother. The way I told how desire I was to have tattoo was just like a joking and my mother didin’t take it so serious but then after many times I told my mother how desire I was to have it, my mother noticed it that this was serious and also this was the same way I told my sister and she noticed it too. Then my mother just gave  an anger explanation that tattoo was a bad thing and tattoo was not suitab…

Reward Yourself

So, honestly I don’t know if this gonna works to everybody because this is my personal thing that I do to myself and also this is very helpful when I feel down and I can break it down, so it means I deserve a gift. Here I don’t hope to someone who will give a gift to me, I will go to somewhere that I want or buy something that I want. On the other hand if I completely accomplish my goals and have been discipline and being nice I will do this too. Yes rewarding myself. Nothing wrong to be proud of yourself and reward yourself.
Back to discipline, it teaches you how to keep on your goals so everything you sacrifice for in the end you deserve a gift. If you keep focusing on your goals it means you have a ton of motivation (everyday may be) to reach your goals and also it means this way keeps you keep motivating because you know there’s something special in the end. I can say that rewarding yourself is the form of respect to yourself and this is so very important. You have to respect to yo…

When I am Feeling Down

Sometimes I don’t know the causes why I am feeling down. So it’s hard to find what’s wrong with me. The worse is I loose my motivations to do what I should do; assignments, reaching my goals and resolutions. I spend days to bring back those motivations to me and it’s not easy.
A couple week ago I felt down and as usual I don’t know why. So basically this feeling ruin my life. I pended everything that I had to reach because of this feeling. And also I don’t know why in a year I must through this feeling around three or two times. I know it sucks but what should I do?
When I am feeling down, I don’t want to think everything; my courses along with the assignments, and my resolutions. All what I want is just to think nothing and do nothing. I don’t know if someone else sometimes feels this way too. And I am confused how to stay away from this feeling. I know I cant handle this feeling when it comes to me so at least I try to control how to not spending your days only to do nothing and think…

How to Loose Weight

This topic is very popular among girls. I am sure that most of the girls in this world make a new year resolution is to loose weight. Me too. But I feel like I never succeed years before so that’s why for this year I have  a strict diet but I don’t make my self-suffering over the diet, I make it fun instead, no pressure but still on the commitment. 
To loose weight doesn’t mean that you don’t love to your body or content with your body. For me the purpose of diet is to be healthier, so if this year I would be slimmer it’s okay at least I have a healthy body because I consume healthy food. I can say that you want to be healthier, fitter, or more to love yourself. But I know you have your own reason to loose weight but I’m hoping that the purpose of loosing weight because you love yourself and your body.
So here I am to list down the ways to loose weight;
1.Make a tight commitment to yourself that you won’t to break up this effort to loose weight. Take a note to yourself that you will keep…

4 spots where you can declutter from

So for me the best place where you can declutter is the place where you go and fro frequently at home. I think if you look at that spot which is clean and tidy it would encourage you to do the next spot where you can declutter for the second time. But it’s up to you if you want to declutter the spot you like the most in your home. Also on this post I am going to list down the spots that I think we go and fro frequently in our home also (I think) these spots is the best start from you the beginner of being minimalist.

So first I have some tips when you are doing decluttering, I know it’s hard to make decision that you have to remove everything you have, probably because those things are your favorite things and you don’t use them anymore or because those things have incredible memories, for me to keep the incredible memories it worth to keep it only in my mind or if you have photos you can scan them keep them on your computer or laptop. So here I want to assert that you have to decide w…

Minimalist Fashion Style

Fashion is everywhere and we love fashion, isn’t it? Everybody loves fashion regardless are they female or male.  But here I am gonna talk to you about  minimalist fashion. If you are a minimalist doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. Yes you can. You can look fashionable if you have some tips and tricks about what you have and fashion. So that’s what I am gonna share with you.
As minimalist, you have to be creative, especially in fashion. Why? Because you  probably have not too much fashion items so you have to be creative to mix and match what you have. So on this post mix and match method is the highlight because everything you have it encourages you to look differently even though you wear same clothes or fashion item. So I am gonna list down how to use mix and match method to look differently yet chic.
1.Layering, when you only wear a t-shirt and jeans so it’s time to change just add one fashion item. It is sleeveless cardigan or plaid shirt on it so you look chic. 2.Unique s…

30 Days Challenge – Minimalism

A challenge is the best way to you to try something new so you can see whether you are into it or not. Why? Because during those 30  days you can think is this new thing suitable for you or not? Also for 30 days you change your life or lifestyle because if you do something new for 30 days (regarding to my experience) it becomes a habit.
But here, we are going to try to be a minimalist for 30 days. So here you can feel whether you are into it or not or suitable for you or not. During 30 days you are going to do everything related to minimalism: decluttering, have less things, eat in minimalism way, etc. so if you are comfortable, suitable and into it to minimalism lifestyle so you can keep it up for the rest of your life. Here I don’t force you to be a minimalist after those 30 days. But if you don’t like it you can resign.
So I am going to list down  what should you do in this challenge per week.

1.Week 1 Read articles and books about minimalism. So in the first week you have to change yo…

Decluttering Your Schedules

Minimalism is about priorities so you can choose the most important to you. Without priorities I am sure you cannot decide which one is the most important. So everything you choose is based on your priorities. But not all people will agree with me about the most important in life is traveling so I can say that minimalism is different to different people. If you want to be a minimalist so you have to be smart choosing what is important. Decluttering clothes is common in minimalism. I know some of you have a lot of clothes collection in your closet and some of them only hang in there you never wear them so those kind of clothes which only hang in there and you never wear it’s better be decluttered so you only have the ones you wear.
Minimalism not only talks about physical stuffs (clothes, furniture, shoes) but also non-physical stuffs. Hmmm what is that? Your schedules. You probably have time to declutter your clothes and forget about your schedules and the impact is you are so busy to …

Cleaning: Routine Activity of a Minimalist

I can say that a minimalist loves to clean closet, home, room etc. why? Because when you declutter it means you are cleaning. I have wrote this on other post before that when you decide to be a minimalist something that you have to do is decluttering so you clean something, it could be your room, kitchen, living room, closet or another spot.  Cleaning is a must do if you are a minimalist because you have to check and re-check is everything you have is everything you need? so if some of them is something that you don’t need why you keep them? Donate it or sell it.
From my experience, when I decide to be a minimalist something has changed, yes I love cleaning. Through cleansing I know something that I don’t need anymore and I will donate it or just give it to my sisters. Keep cleansing means keep decluttering. Something’s strange?
Well, if you keep decluttering so you will have less thing or worst you don’t have anything? I told you and like what I said before that when you do cleaning it …

Time Consuming

Talking about minimalism is not all about things you have physically but also something you have which is nonphysical. Time. Capitalism world force us to be busy, whereas a lots of ads try to introduce products which can help us to undergo this life easily and save more time.
But not all people can understand his/ her need so he/she tends to buy a lots of stuffs which is believed can make his/her life better because it can save more time and easy. So he/she have to pay more for maintain, tax(transpiration) and repairing. The sad thing is she/he must to pay more and even doesn’t know what they need because she/ he buys everything which is offered by ads.
All we need is simplify our life with minimalism lifestyle but you have to take a note that I am talking like this doesn’t mean that minimalism against what’s going on in these days which is capitalist days but minimalism asserts that you have to buy something which is really you need. it’s good the ads introduce those products but you h…

Rule of Being a Minimalist

When I decided to be a minimalist, I did not thing about the rules and fortunately to be a minimalist no rules which can decide you to be a minimalist. Yes to be a minimalist there’s no rules but for me (this is a suggestion) I consider that decluttering is the inauguration of being minimalist. But remember something that you have to change before you do the inauguration is your perspective.
Change your mind that minimalism is not that bad. Change your mind that minimalism is not a extreme lifestyle in this world. Change your mind that to be a minimalist doesn’t mean that you can not to be fashionable. Change your mind that to be a minimalist doesn’t mean that you will be broke. Change your mind that to be a minimalist you can’t go to groceries store. That is all in your head. Just change your perspective that minimalism is going to help you to enjoy this life better and you can focus on you’re the most important things in your life and also you will know the meaning of life.
Why I can…

Count Your Stuffs

Honestly, I don’t count my stuffs because I have them cause I need them. So I try to buy something based on my necessity. I don’t know it’s okay whether count your stuff or don’t in minimalism. But for me I can’t give the limit strictly because I still need stuffs because they help me and complete my necessity.
Becoming minimalist doesn’t mean that you only have 100 items in the entire your life. For me becoming minimalist only have stuffs based on necessity. In case you don’t know that some of minimalist live in less 100 items, it could happen because well may be that’s her/his necessity, I can’t blame.
Actually I have the limit owning stuffs. Really I have. But the limit is based on my activities and time. For example, if I am a woman who doesn’t have children, why should I buy toys, kids clothes, kids book etc? well this is about timing. Right now is not my time to buy all of them because I don’t have children if one day I have a child well I can say that this is my time for buying …

Review -

this is random and special post
This post is very special post. I am going to write my review about and THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. What I write is basically what I experience since the first time I use
For the first I am going to tell you about my story when I used for the first time. On the Friday morning, I woke up and got ready to go to campus and attended a class. In the end of the class the lecturer told us about our last assignment for this semester. He said that we (his students) had to create a brochure about anything we wanted. It was up to us. Since I learnt a lot about minimalism and then I decided to make a brochure about minimalism but there was something which I couldn’t do this. How I can create a brochure? The day after tomorrow I had to give that assignment to the lecturer yes the lecturer was going to collect the assignment whereas I didn’t even make it about I didn’t know where I can make it. I didn’t have any visual gr…

Will You?'

random post
Okay on this post I am going to talk about my perspective on marriage. May be this is a sensitive topic but I think that this is something that I want to share because may be I have a wrong perspective so you can correct me.
Right now, I am 19 on the way to 20 on this year but  I never think that I will to get marry. Yes I won’t but whereas my friends (some of them) already think about it, for me it’s a blurred future.  I have talked about this with my sister. She said that it’s normal when you like someone yes I of course I feel that way too but I never like someone in sexual way so that is the matter. I thought that I am asexual but for my sister she said that it’s not your time to think about marriage I can say that I am too young. It could happen when you have other priorities. But that’s right. Having someone you love it’s nice when you are always by his/her side but for me it’s not always nice. I have to do a lot of things.
Well in the other day, I wrote about my feelin…

How to Keep You Motivating?

On this post I never mean that I act as a great motivator but at least I am trying to encourage my readers to be a good person. Okay everyday isn’t a very good day for me but at least I try to deny that today is the bad day. And it was not easy at first. When I got a problem I tended to keep it and I wouldn’t tell anybody so that problem encouraged me to try looking for something which can help me to keep happy and smiling every day. Sometimes I have to read motivated quotes but it’s not enough. So I have to look for something which can encourage me to be happy even I have problem. Yes what is that? The answer is me. Yeah myself.
Why you have to believe in yourself. Why? Who else you can believe to? Unless yourself? I am sure you know everything about yourself maybe something which other people don’t know. So what’s in yourself which can encourage you to be a happy person even you have a problem? Your mind, your soul, your thoughts, your perspectives. Well I am going to list them all. …

Simplify Your Life

What do you feel when you are busy? You don’t have enough time for 24? So can you do the most important things in your life when you are busy? Do you have me-time? What will you when you are stress while busy? Do you write what-to-do-todaylist or something similar like that every day? Does it work?
Well write what-to-do-today list is something good when you start you morning so you have “direction” what you are going to do for that day but can you accomplish all of that? Well maybe yes maybe no. for me, every day I start with writing what-to-do-today so I can depict what will happen today. But I try to not write many things on it, avoiding that I can accomplish all of them and I think I have a big failure in that day but it doesn’t mean that I am a loser. No. exactly no. I just try to focus the things that are very important to me. and trust me, it can help you to simplify your life. You won’t have many tasks that day, you can enjoy your time when the break time is coming, and you can …