How to Keep You Motivating?

On this post I never mean that I act as a great motivator but at least I am trying to encourage my readers to be a good person. Okay everyday isn’t a very good day for me but at least I try to deny that today is the bad day. And it was not easy at first. When I got a problem I tended to keep it and I wouldn’t tell anybody so that problem encouraged me to try looking for something which can help me to keep happy and smiling every day. Sometimes I have to read motivated quotes but it’s not enough. So I have to look for something which can encourage me to be happy even I have problem. Yes what is that? The answer is me. Yeah myself.

Why you have to believe in yourself. Why? Who else you can believe to? Unless yourself? I am sure you know everything about yourself maybe something which other people don’t know. So what’s in yourself which can encourage you to be a happy person even you have a problem? Your mind, your soul, your thoughts, your perspectives.
Well I am going to list them all. But you have to take a note that my list is not better but at least I can help you.

Positive thinking. Well some people will think the bad side of something first that the good side of something. How can it happen? Well I am not a psychologist but I try to analyze that thing with my brain without that discipline. Okay for me that person will think about bad side of everything I guess that person has unhappy life why? Because that person (maybe) have got something bad in her/his life so basically she /he has trauma so should we keep living in that way? I don’t think so. so that person should change the way she/he thinks. Positive mind will make you happy why? Your mind will keep saying to you that everything is going to be okay.

Goals. Yess you must have goals. It’s a must in life. Goals will keep you walk in their path. So I can say that the goals will show you the right path so I mean that goals are the director to your life. I believe when you have your goals you keep focusing on catching your goals, is that right? I am sure it’s right. So when you have your own goals you keep be in spirit to catch them. You always have energy to start a brand new day. No matter what happen you must be focus in your path.  

Role Model. I can say that your role model is the director in your life to be happy and in spirit to catch your dream or goals. But you have to take a note that someone who you choose to be your role model must have same way to you so I mean she/ he is suitable for you. The right role model will keep you in the right spirit.

Take a Break. Okay I can understand when you have a rough time or sometimes you suck with your life. That’s normal. But you should give the time I mean it could a short time to break. You can fix yourself, mind, soul and thoughts for a while. So when you are ready you can show off yourself that you can do this. You got this. I can say that when you take a break it actually you recharge your energy to start the rest of the path because you actually in the middle of the path.

Miracles. Believing that God will helps you to do what you do is the best way for you to keep in spirit. You should believe that whatever is happening (whether bad or good) god will always helps you but you have to take a note that everything happen always has reason so when you get something bad you should believe that God will shows you another way to catch your goals or make you a happy one. No sadness.

Be thankful. May be you forget that you already everything you need. so when you are on the way to catch something and something bad happen you feel like this world hates you and also God hates you. Actually not. Not at all. May be you forget to be thankful that God have gave you everything you want. Your health, a loving family and friends. You forget that you have consider every little thing in your life. Don’t be sad. Be happy and don’t forget to be thankful. That’s the key.

To be happy is your choice.


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