Time Consuming

Talking about minimalism is not all about things you have physically but also something you have which is nonphysical. Time. Capitalism world force us to be busy, whereas a lots of ads try to introduce products which can help us to undergo this life easily and save more time.

But not all people can understand his/ her need so he/she tends to buy a lots of stuffs which is believed can make his/her life better because it can save more time and easy. So he/she have to pay more for maintain, tax(transpiration) and repairing. The sad thing is she/he must to pay more and even doesn’t know what they need because she/ he buys everything which is offered by ads.

All we need is simplify our life with minimalism lifestyle but you have to take a note that I am talking like this doesn’t mean that minimalism against what’s going on in these days which is capitalist days but minimalism asserts that you have to buy something which is really you need. it’s good the ads introduce those products but you have to choose the important and give you better effects. So you won’t spend your time to maintain stuffs which are really unnecessary, you have and deserve spending your time for what really need and most important.

Yes we cannot deny that capitalism cut off our time sometimes (most of the times) to unnecessary things but it can get worse when you put too much your belief on ads, it is okay, if you believe it but do not too much. I can say that capitalism “eat” our time for something unnecessary but whereas sometimes capitalism helps our life.  


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