Why Did I Create A Minimalism Blog?

For this time, at first time ever I’m going to tell my readers the reason why I created this minimalism blog. For this blog I’m going to post my writings about mainly minimalism, lifestyle and my life. May be some of you asking why I wrote minimalism and lifestyle. Yes I got you girls. Minimalism is a lifestyle but here not only talk about minimalism but yes mainly. Here I’m going to talk about lifestyle which is opposite to minimalism. Every lifestyle you choose is good, I’m not blaming any lifestyle you choose. If you don’t want to know about minimalism, sorry this is not the right place maybe we can talk about another thing. But if you like to talk about minimalism and yes this is the right place.

Okay the next thing that I want to share is being minimalist is my resolution for 2017! And yes I’m going to do anything to accomplish my wish. Being minimalist is really a big thing for me because before I decided to become a minimalist, honestly I have a lot of things and believe it or not they didn’t make me happy at all. How? Seriously I don’t know yes I don’t know. If I want something, I tried badly to get it but remain nothing even memory. I think this is bad and I didn’t know how to overcome what I felt at that moment until I found a video about minimalism and it changed my life.

If you’re asking me, do I have less things? My answer is no. yes no because I’m a newbie so at this moment I still have a bunch of useless things. I know, being (fully) minimalist it takes time and I know it’s not a short of time. And why is minimalism one of you resolution of 2017? Good question. Every beginning of the year, I have a new resolution and the resolution is to make me a good person so I think I can improve myself to a better one, I’m not standing on the same spot.

And my hope is this blog could help me to improve myself to be a good one and could encourage me to accomplish my resolution!


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