Being Healthy

For me my health is priceless, I think everyone agree with this way.  But a lot of people around me say to me that I’m not healthy because I am fat. For me, being fat or slim doesn’t define you are healthy or not. You are slim but maybe you have some troubles with your health, it could be. Or you are fat but you have some troubles with your health, it could be. Both of them have possibility to have some troubles with health. Like what I said before that I am fat, but I try to eat healthy. I avoid greasy food, fastfood, junkfood, and any other unhealthy food. I try to eat veggies and fruits more but I never hope that I would be slim after eating veggies and fruits because all I want is to be healthy not slim. I’m telling you in 2016 I only ate fastfood four times. Yes in the whole 2016. I don’t like to eat at fastfood chains.

Like what I said before that I eat veggies and fruits more than meat. I organize my time when I will eat meat or chicken. I am not vegetarian. But I refuse to eat meat or chicken excessively. I eat meat or chicken only once in a week. For the beverages, I stop drinking soda or packed juice. They are not healthy at all. Maybe you are wondering, why I stop drinking packed juice, because they are not health. They are not natural. But doesn’t mean that I stop drinking juice, if I want it. I make it by myself at home. But honestly I don’t like juice I would like to eat fruits than make it for juice. I prefer to drink mineral water every single day.

After organizing your food and beverages, something that cannot be forgotten is  exercise. If you want to save money, like me. you better go to youtube and type “saskiadansschool” they provide a lot of zumba videos. NOT SPONSORED. But this is what I do. I watched their videos to do zumba. I love zumba. For me zumba is the best and easiest way to do exercise. And another thing that cannot be forgotten is sleep earlier. Don’t stay wake until midnight. Reorganize your time to sleep early. Reset your sleep time.  


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