How To Save Money?

I’m a student, every month I get money for my needs like food, books, rented room, transportation, etc. Before become a minimalist, almost every month I didn’t have any money at end of the month so I mean if I got 500 dollar for a month I have no remain in the end of month. It was hard to save money. I wonder how can I spend money on things ? I’m an introvert so I’m so comfortable if I stay in my room alone rather than go outside or hang out with friends so I mean I don’t spend my money on buying things or meal while hanging out with friends because I don’t like hanging out.

Being a minimalist can help me to overcome my issue with money. I just apply minimalism lifestyle into my habit but the effect is amazing. Since being a minimalist, every month I divide my money into several “accounts” for example; meal account, book account, transportation account, etc so I can handle my spending. Here, I’m telling you that minimalism helps me to handle my financial a lot. Tips from me is when you get the money or paycheck, save it right away at least 15% and if you can do it, just forget that you just save the money. It helps you to stay away from the money.

Another thing which can help you to save money is stop shopping. For girls it’s heaven when you can enjoy mall trip and window shopping or maybe you get a nice top. Just shop when you need. Don’t ever put attention on sale but if you need something on sale, it would be a great deal. And some of you maybe like to cook. It’s a great idea to cook your meal before go to school or campus or even office. You can cook your meal at home to save money and it’s health.

If you have ability to do DIY, it’s a great thing too. You can create a thing which have multiple benefits. You save your money! Or you can buy things which have multiple benefits. Believe me you can save your money and you have a creativity to create a thing to be an amazing thing through DIY.

For me, the reason why I save money is I want to spend my money on experiences not things. 


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