Why I Become a Minimalist?

When I was in senior high school I started to love shoes. I tried to save my money and then I splurged my money on shoes. When I got them all I had a contemporary happiness. Last year of high school, I tried to look for another source of happiness, I tried to save my money and then I bought a lot of clothes. Again, I just had a contemporary happiness. Okay, again, I looked for something to made my life more easier, I thought that shoes and clothes didn’t make me happy at all. I started to buy “a small thing that can change my life” and again they couldn’t make my life more easier.

All of those things remain nothing for me. No happiness. I couldn’t enjoy my life because I kept thinking about the space to store all of those stuffs. Made me confused about the situation in my room. I must had storage in my room to keep them all so I have a small space to access anything. All of those things which I tried to save money and splurged on it till couldn’t make me happier but remain regret and stress.

When I finished my senior high school, I had to move to another city for my studies. All of those things I bought, left in my room, at my parents’ house. When I moved, I brought several clothes, several shoes, and other stuffs to support my studies. I rent a small room to live and I filled it with my stuffs that I brought from my parents’ house. Nothing special in this room. Only small number of stuffs. At that moment, I could enjoy my life. I felt safe and content. Comparing with my room at parents’ house full of stuffs, seriously I couldn’t enjoy life and I didn’t feel content at all. Okay for now I have a small rented room which is can make me happier but what about my stuffs in my room? Thinking about those stuffs make me can’t sleep. Yes can’t sleep! I kept thinking, are those stuff still safe? Then I realized the benefit of all of those things. No benefits at all. 

When I had a spare time, I watched a lot of youtube videos. I watched random videos until I found a video about minimalism. That video opened my mind. And I read a lot of articles about minimalism.  I thought that this is the best way to enjoy my life. I started to rid something which is not important to me in may rented room. When I have time to back to my home city, I try to rid some stuffs from my room. To be honest I can’t get rid my stuffs easily. I know it will takes time. Today, I’m still trying to rid some stuffs and it will keep going until I feel what I have is what I need. 

Since I watched a lot minimalism videos and read a lot articles about minimalism, I decided to become a minimalist. I’m trying to become a good minimalist to more enjoy my life than having stuffs. 


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