Culture of Consuming

May be everyday you read the latest newspaper and it provides the latest news but something weather you realize it or not is newspaper also provides advertisements. The advertisements persuade us to buy the products; okay the product can help you to undergo this life easily. Almost all the advertisements say like that. But is that a must you buy all of those products? Okay I know it’s up to you whether you buy it or not but something that you have to know that every product you buy make sure that that product can help you to reduce stress. Okay may be you are asking what kind of things I can buy then? Okay the things you should buy is what you need, not the latest product. Nothing’s wrong with the advisement but all we need is our consciousness when we buy something. Marketing try to persuade people to buy their products and they have the profit besides the high profit they offer amazing products. It’s not wrong.  Can you imagine if you home full of your things like furniture, pictures on the wall, clutter of newspaper everywhere, clutter of your clothes everywhere.

Advertisements always try to produce something new and improved and people try to save money and work harder to get the latest product. Maybe some people don’t think about their necessity but the trend or something which is on instead. Is that right? For yes it’s right. The worst thing is they work harder to get those latest things but they forget to enjoy their life. They work hard and forget how to enjoy their life. Apparently it’s simple to enjoy your life. Do not think about what you have to buy on this month but think about what you already have and enjoy it. Be thankful and spend your money on experience not things. Culture of consuming makes us forget about our necessity. Culture of consuming makes us forget how to enjoy our life. Culture of consuming makes us keep working harder but remains nothing.

Minimalism teaches me how to live with less things but also you are happy with those less things. Just be thankful. We have to realize the level of our necessity. What do we need? Hear our thoughts and what they want. Stop shopping for fun. Stop shopping for sale, shop if you need instead.    


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