Being Happier

Basically this post is all about reducing your stress. Relating to New Year so it mean that you have a new and fresh start. Let’s talk this beginning of year to be a good person, to be a happier person, start to enjoy your life. Right now is the best time to start something new. Okay, I’m going to relate this problem to minimalism. For me, personally, minimalism is all about reducing my stress. I have less stuffs it make me happy. I don’t put too much attention on my stuffs so I can focus to my things which is very important. College, assignments, friends, family and the most important is my goals of life. 

The key to be happier person is to do something new. If you have savings and afford you to do traveling, go ahead, spend that money on it. You can get a lot of experience on traveling, get something new about the local culture, hear the new language, meet people who is very different with you and many other things you will get. Just spend your money on experience, don’t ever spend money on things. Things never last longer but experience last longer in our mind.

Or if you still don’t want to spend your money on traveling maybe because it’s too expensive or you want to spend your money on something which is more important. That’s okay. You can do another thing. That is reorganizing you time to have me-time. Spend you spare time alone and do what you want to do without thinking about someone else. Empty your mind and feel your soul and be thankful to God. 

Basically having something new or to do something new is just start with simple things. You are not necessary to splurge money on traveling so you can reduce your stress. Reducing your stress could be from simple things. Stress could be from something you do constantly every single day and you don’t want to do that because it’s boring so that’s why you need something new. So do simple things which make you happier. So don’t forget to enjoy your life.


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