Beauty Standard

I’m Asian girl. I’m not white. In my country, or at least women around try hard to look like white women. They put the beauty standard on white women but not for me. my beauty standard is myself, because I love myself for who I am. But I am not blaming white women is ugly. Every woman in this world has their own beauty in their own way. In country, women really like to apply cosmetics product which can help their skin to be white. For me it’s weird. Why don’t they love their selves. Every woman is beautiful but the sad thing is women in my country can easily persuaded by advertisement of the product.

For me, I never put my beauty standard to any specific place or race. I am thankful to God that gives whatever I have today; my body and the features, family, friends, clothes, books, college, everything. And also I thank God for creating us differently and I can say it’s the color of life. Wherever you go, you will see different people with different culture, religion and language. It’s incredible.

I want to assert, regardless to the religions, races, countries and ethnics every woman in this world is beautiful but the bad thing is they don’t realize that they are beautiful; they spend their time to put attention for their beauty standard to specific race and try hard to look like those people.   


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