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Reward Yourself

So, honestly I don’t know if this gonna works to everybody because this is my personal thing that I do to myself and also this is very helpful when I feel down and I can break it down, so it means I deserve a gift. Here I don’t hope to someone who will give a gift to me, I will go to somewhere that I want or buy something that I want. On the other hand if I completely accomplish my goals and have been discipline and being nice I will do this too. Yes rewarding myself. Nothing wrong to be proud of yourself and reward yourself.
Back to discipline, it teaches you how to keep on your goals so everything you sacrifice for in the end you deserve a gift. If you keep focusing on your goals it means you have a ton of motivation (everyday may be) to reach your goals and also it means this way keeps you keep motivating because you know there’s something special in the end. I can say that rewarding yourself is the form of respect to yourself and this is so very important. You have to respect to yo…