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How to Loose Weight

This topic is very popular among girls. I am sure that most of the girls in this world make a new year resolution is to loose weight. Me too. But I feel like I never succeed years before so that’s why for this year I have  a strict diet but I don’t make my self-suffering over the diet, I make it fun instead, no pressure but still on the commitment. 
To loose weight doesn’t mean that you don’t love to your body or content with your body. For me the purpose of diet is to be healthier, so if this year I would be slimmer it’s okay at least I have a healthy body because I consume healthy food. I can say that you want to be healthier, fitter, or more to love yourself. But I know you have your own reason to loose weight but I’m hoping that the purpose of loosing weight because you love yourself and your body.
So here I am to list down the ways to loose weight;
1.Make a tight commitment to yourself that you won’t to break up this effort to loose weight. Take a note to yourself that you will keep…

4 spots where you can declutter from

So for me the best place where you can declutter is the place where you go and fro frequently at home. I think if you look at that spot which is clean and tidy it would encourage you to do the next spot where you can declutter for the second time. But it’s up to you if you want to declutter the spot you like the most in your home. Also on this post I am going to list down the spots that I think we go and fro frequently in our home also (I think) these spots is the best start from you the beginner of being minimalist.

So first I have some tips when you are doing decluttering, I know it’s hard to make decision that you have to remove everything you have, probably because those things are your favorite things and you don’t use them anymore or because those things have incredible memories, for me to keep the incredible memories it worth to keep it only in my mind or if you have photos you can scan them keep them on your computer or laptop. So here I want to assert that you have to decide w…

Minimalist Fashion Style

Fashion is everywhere and we love fashion, isn’t it? Everybody loves fashion regardless are they female or male.  But here I am gonna talk to you about  minimalist fashion. If you are a minimalist doesn’t mean that you can’t look fashionable. Yes you can. You can look fashionable if you have some tips and tricks about what you have and fashion. So that’s what I am gonna share with you.
As minimalist, you have to be creative, especially in fashion. Why? Because you  probably have not too much fashion items so you have to be creative to mix and match what you have. So on this post mix and match method is the highlight because everything you have it encourages you to look differently even though you wear same clothes or fashion item. So I am gonna list down how to use mix and match method to look differently yet chic.
1.Layering, when you only wear a t-shirt and jeans so it’s time to change just add one fashion item. It is sleeveless cardigan or plaid shirt on it so you look chic. 2.Unique s…

30 Days Challenge – Minimalism

A challenge is the best way to you to try something new so you can see whether you are into it or not. Why? Because during those 30  days you can think is this new thing suitable for you or not? Also for 30 days you change your life or lifestyle because if you do something new for 30 days (regarding to my experience) it becomes a habit.
But here, we are going to try to be a minimalist for 30 days. So here you can feel whether you are into it or not or suitable for you or not. During 30 days you are going to do everything related to minimalism: decluttering, have less things, eat in minimalism way, etc. so if you are comfortable, suitable and into it to minimalism lifestyle so you can keep it up for the rest of your life. Here I don’t force you to be a minimalist after those 30 days. But if you don’t like it you can resign.
So I am going to list down  what should you do in this challenge per week.

1.Week 1 Read articles and books about minimalism. So in the first week you have to change yo…

Decluttering Your Schedules

Minimalism is about priorities so you can choose the most important to you. Without priorities I am sure you cannot decide which one is the most important. So everything you choose is based on your priorities. But not all people will agree with me about the most important in life is traveling so I can say that minimalism is different to different people. If you want to be a minimalist so you have to be smart choosing what is important. Decluttering clothes is common in minimalism. I know some of you have a lot of clothes collection in your closet and some of them only hang in there you never wear them so those kind of clothes which only hang in there and you never wear it’s better be decluttered so you only have the ones you wear.
Minimalism not only talks about physical stuffs (clothes, furniture, shoes) but also non-physical stuffs. Hmmm what is that? Your schedules. You probably have time to declutter your clothes and forget about your schedules and the impact is you are so busy to …

Cleaning: Routine Activity of a Minimalist

I can say that a minimalist loves to clean closet, home, room etc. why? Because when you declutter it means you are cleaning. I have wrote this on other post before that when you decide to be a minimalist something that you have to do is decluttering so you clean something, it could be your room, kitchen, living room, closet or another spot.  Cleaning is a must do if you are a minimalist because you have to check and re-check is everything you have is everything you need? so if some of them is something that you don’t need why you keep them? Donate it or sell it.
From my experience, when I decide to be a minimalist something has changed, yes I love cleaning. Through cleansing I know something that I don’t need anymore and I will donate it or just give it to my sisters. Keep cleansing means keep decluttering. Something’s strange?
Well, if you keep decluttering so you will have less thing or worst you don’t have anything? I told you and like what I said before that when you do cleaning it …